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We are there to help you clarify any doubts about the special needs children. Even if your child is not special needs, it is always better to know this in the early stages before your child becomes part of more rigorous academic activities that may cause tremendous difficulties if they have special needs required for them.


Some of these issues are hard to notice and identify in young children. But early detection and intervention can help solve many issues before it becomes evident at large. Our experts have research based techniques to assist you.


Disabilities can be of various types. We help you understand the specific issues that comes with the disabilitiesand support you in learning techniques to manage the disability so that the child performs his daily routine with ease.

Language Delay

An early intervention can help your child cope up with learning disabilities better. It can help the child by placing him in appropriate educational settings and overcome mild language development issues.

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Are you a caring parent starting out on your journey to provide the best learning solutions for your child. We could guide you in making your decision with the workshops for parents.


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A comprehensive learning kit for high-quality engagement.


On request expert counselling session for your child’s unique learning needs.


Fortnightly session to spark the creative senses.

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Flexible pre-recorded sessions held by early education experts.

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Development tracker to keep a tab of your child’s progress.

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Ready reckoner to support the child.

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Are you a concerned parent requiring support in understanding the learning issues and needs of your
child. Our professional support team would guide you.

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