“Are you a parent figuring out
“Explore different options and get resources for your child. There is always an option and a solution to everything. “ Learn More
“Are you struggling
to find online teaching program?"
“Explore different options and get resources for your child. There is always an option and a solution to everything. “ Learn More

21st century skill based program

Our Offerings

Expert-designed activities & learning sessions for developing lifelong skills in your child. We offer a personalized complete range of solutions for your every need.


We help you in supporting your child's unique learning style & matching their pace of learning to create a valuable learning space for them. Our products have multiple activities designed to develop logical thinking skills for the future of your child in the increasingly changing world.


Our services are supported by people with decades of experience in designing curriculum, identifying learning difficulties/disabilities and mapping to the developmental milestones of children. Your child’s uniqueness is nurtured by harnessing their potential and offering them guidance in right areas.


Your child is unique. When you have questions like “Why is my child writing in mirror images?" “How can I handle terrible twos?” “Which curriculum should I follow” “What are the best homeschooling tools and resources for my child in India?” We will guide you to the best resources for your child.

What is My Home Schooling?

My homeschooling is the international quality learning environment that you were always looking to give your child. This has been the fruit of years of effort by experts with decades of experience in the Preschool curriculum. We have a range of products & services that suit your child’s needs perfectly. The ability to choose the best product & service for your child to engage them is crucial to keeping them engaged. Every child is unique. Their learning environment must suit their needs and expectations.

We eradicate the dearth of quality material for homeschooling in India. This is your one-stop solution for all your child’s homeschooling needs.

Why Homeschooling?

The modern world has provided everything at your fingertips. The transition of your child into this world requires more than regular schools. This special attention to your child is possible by homeschooling. You could choose to homeschool for multiple reasons like the lack of confidence in traditional school’s capacity to build skills in your child & the child being more intelligent requiring challenging learning in additional avenues. These cannot be fulfilled by a one size fits all approach of schools. We provide a range of products & services to suit the unique requirements of your child.

The incessant increase in options has resulted in a decrease in the quality of those offerings. To help you provide the best for your child, we give threefold access to help you choose the best experience for your child.

  • Caring and qualified facilitators

    Schedule learning sessions by qualified professional facilitators to give the best lesson to your child. Engage the child with caring people who help unfold the potential of your child using research-based methods.

  • Social skills in fun-filled session

    These are important lifelong skills for your child. Every child has them. Effective communication includes verbal & nonverbal aspects. These will be the basis for your child’s success in a competitive world.

  • Standards & Safe learning material

    All our activities are mapped with the expert-designed curriculum. They have an unwavering focus on safety for your child that could only be possible with the years of experience with children we have.

  • Support by experts for parents

    We support you in learning about your child’s interests and their problems in learning. We have trained professionals who would guide you in recognizing the specific expressions of your child.

Our Blog

Homeschooling is a personal experience. Every parent has a different experience and requirements to
provide the best development for their child. To know your child and to adapt to their interests, we
have the blog. This blog has many great resources for you to sail through the experience. Realistic
support and guidance for you to manage your personal life with your child’s learning needs.

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Are you a caring parent starting out on your journey to provide the best learning solutions for your
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What will you get with myhomeschooling.org

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A curriculum driven learning activities for high quality engagement


Professional support to know your child’s unique interests & issues in learning


Fortnightly session for sparking your child’s creativity

Kids reading book

Flexible use recorded session by qualified facilitators

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Development tracker to keep a tab of your child’s progress

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Ready Reckoner to support your child

What Parents Say:



“I am a working mother and chose to home school my child due to pandemic. I am so grateful to my homeschooling team for providing a well coordinated and complete program with ready to use materials.”


Anjana Singh

“ Ready to use material was very helpful. I also learnt many concept with my child. He enjoyed each and every activity. Materials were safe and reusable. Looking forward for my next kit.”

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