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About myHomeschooling

My homeschooling is the international quality learning environment that you were always looking to give your child. This has been the fruit of years of effort by experts with decades of experience in the Preschool curriculum. We have a range of products & services that suit your child’s needs perfectly. The ability to choose the best product & service for your child to engage them is crucial to keeping them engaged. 

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Our Benefits

myHomeschooling box is a complete learning toolkit. It has lot of research based age appropriate activities and materials.

We are a team of educators who work with you to understand your child's requirement and provide you assistance in understanding and supporting them so that they develop and achieve their milestone as per their age on time.

We conduct workshops and webinars for parents and children which helps you stay tuned on the development path of your child. You can also approach us for any specific requirement for your child.

We also provide pre recorded learning aids to assist you in homeschooling your child. This is very helpful and much sought after by parents new to homeschooling and who are still developing routine for their children.

It is very important to have a proper check on developmental milestones to keep you on right track in your journey of homeschooling. We provide research based tools and milestones tracker to help you deal with monitoring your child's progress.

All the activities provided in myHomeschooling box are easy to use and comes with clear instructions so that parents can easily follow and conduct result oriented highly effective learning at home for their child.

Facts About Us

myHomeschooling was born out of passion to benefit more and more children, who chose to learn at home due to multiple factors, with a high quality learning program. We are a group of educators who take pride and pleasure in creating an impact in children’s life by empowering them with the best learning tools and environment at their comfort level. 

Our Vision:

Happy Children and Happy Parents

To explore the wholeness  of life in a stress- safe and secure environment, giving individual attention, imparting researched programs combined with 21st century skills.

Our Mission

“To inculcate eco-consciousness and impart the learners the freedom of development which empowers them with responsibility and humanity.” 

Education has deep rooted meaning and just does not mean being able to read and write. Our mission is to nurture young generation so that they develop sensitivity towards their surrounding and also grow to be free but responsible individual. 

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Are you a concerned parent requiring support in understanding the learning issues and needs of your
child. Our professional support team would guide you.

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